Carefully crafted team programming contests for all levels

TeamsCode spreads computer science education to high school students by organizing online contests where students work on quality competitive programming problems in a team setting.

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Our Mission

Making competitive programming fun

Our unique team competitive programming contests aim to provide a fun and enjoyable experience to programmers at all levels! Keep scrolling to explore our contests.
Contest Format
Our contests encourage teaming up with your friends to solve interesting competitive programming problem and inspire each other. Either divide and conquer or start a discussion on challenging problems.
Contest Prizes
On each contest, TeamsCode offers cash prize (up to $100 for each team member) to top high school finishers in Intermediate and Advanced division while everyone is welcomed to participate. We also have cool prizes for raffle winners!
Contest Problem Set
TeamsCode's problem sets are carefully created by our problem writing team. These problems cover a variety of topics in different levels while featuring an interesting context.
Contest Technology
TeamsCode Contest Portal offers a clean interface to submit solutions while getting instant feedback on test cases. It also has a real-time leaderboard to deliver the excitement of a programming contest to your screen!

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By the numbers

A contest for coders around the globe

TeamsCode is a space for computer science enthusiasts to sharpen their coding skill regardless of nation. Here are some statistics* from TeamsCode Spring 2022 Contest, one of our largest events.
Problem Attempts
Lines of Code
*Data extracted and compiled from TeamsCode Contest System's internal database and contest registration info during Spring 2022 contest.
Our Organization

More than just a competition

Besides hosting competitions, TeamsCode aims to foster a tight-knit community of coders with a mission of promoting computer science education.
Team Environment
TeamsCode contests create an inspirational environment for computer science students to collaborate on programming problems and meet new people.
Lead by Students
TeamsCode is made for students, by students. We work with our partners to deliver an enjoyable experience to computer science students.
Make Things Happen
If you are interested in helping us organize contests, please join us! Organizers take different roles in TeamsCode and work together to make contests happen.
Friendly Community
Join our community by clicking on our Discord invitation link. Ask questions, discuss problems, or just hangout with many like-minded people.
Please contact us if you have any questions!
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Our Partners and Sponsors

They help make things possible and better

Our awesome sponsors help us organize a better contest. We also partner with other competitive programming organizations to foster a tight-knit community.