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CALICO Informatics Competition
CALICO biannual programming competition is for students up to 12th grade. These contests are run during the fall and spring season, and consist of a large number of problems meant to be solved by teams. Come prepared to bring your best, and we will take care of the rest!
Competitive Programming Initiative
CPI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes competitive programming among students through resources, classes, outreach, and contests.
Lexington Informatics Tournament
LIT is a competitive programming tournament for middle/high school students, hosted by members of the LexMACS club along with many guest problemsetters/testers.
Harker Programming Invitational
HPI is an annual programming competition hosted in March by The Harker School's Programming Club. Teams of up to 3 students compete to solve problems designed to test their algorithmic knowledge. This year's theme is Space & CS, and the event will be held virtually on March 13, 2022.
Montgomery Blair Informatics Tournament
mBIT is a competitive programming competition for middle and high school students of all skill levels, organized by students from Montgomery Blair High School.
Noctem is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting problem solving in computer science through competitive programming competitions.
Competitive Computing Club
CompCS helps competitive programming beginners become advanced through support from the team.
TJIOI is Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology’s annual programming contest, designed to encourage the involvement of middle and high schoolers with computer science.
traverse[cs] is an organization dedicated to giving students opportunities to explore computer science and competitive programming by organizing free coding contests.
CerealCodes is a competitive programming contest with the goal of promoting computer science to high school students globally.
VividHacks is a three-day virtual beginner-friendly hackathon that bridges the gap between passion and technology for all students worldwide!

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