Sponsor Feature - Audian

Posted on Aug 30, 2018
Written by Alan Bi

At the upcoming Fall 2018 MIHS Programming Contest, we're lucky to have Audian as our gold sponsor. Audian is a software company based in Kirkland, WA whose goal is to redefine the telecom industry by automating many of the outdated, time-consuming tasks that have traditionally been associated with telecom. Audian's CEO, Brandon Bazemore, founded the company along with Pramod Venugopal in 2007 and since has grown the company many times over.

Audian's first production phone system in 2007 was able to reduce the complexity and cost of the normal phone system by over 60%. Over the years, constant improvements to their services and expansions to their team and headquarters has led to where they are today. They offer a variety of services, including Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, and international calling. They also provide phones and other hardwire that can be purchased directly on their website. Caliber Real Estate, Parker Corporate Services, and Sound Mortgage are just a few Audian's clients happy with their services.

Thanks to Bazemore's strong background in computer science, he was able to start Audian rather than simply using existing telecom solutions in the market. He describes, "Without a foundation in computer science and programming, our technologies and entire company would not exist, so we feel it is essential to continue supporting the next generation of innovators through TeamsCode." Thanks to Audian's and others' support, we are now able to host our upcoming contest free of cost.

To learn more about Audian, visit their website at https://www.audian.com.