Fall 2018 MIHS Programming Contest

Posted on Sep 16, 2018
Written by Alan Bi

Registration has opened for TeamsCode's fourth biannual MIHS Programming Contest! Similar to past contests, this event will be held in the Mercer Island High School Commons on October 20th, 2018. Teams of 1-3 will have 3 hours to try and solve as many programming problems as they can, the winners will receive medals, and then all participants will have a chance to win prizes in the raffle. Snacks and pizza will be provided free of cost.

Now, let's get on to what makes this contest different from the rest:

  • Awesome sponsorships from Smart Coding School, Audian, Pagliacci, and Crelate; check back soon for blog posts featuring Smart Coding School and Audian, our Platinum and Gold sponsors!
  • New prizes and a unique problem set
  • Keynote speech by David Liu from Smart Coding School
  • Opening speech by Brandon Bazemore from Audian
  • Last but not least, free registration for all participants!

Check out the full details of the event at https://archive.teamscode.org/mihs or register here.

We hope to see you at the contest!