Sponsor Feature - Smart Coding School

Posted on Oct 09, 2018
Written by Chris Elliott

Smart Coding School, a computer science education school located in Bellevue, is the Co-host and Platinum sponsor for our Fall 2018 MIHS Programming Contest. Smart Coding School was founded in March 2016 by David Liu and has since helped dozens of students improve their Java programming skills. The school has over ten courses dedicated to various skills in Java -- notably data structures and algorithms -- and also teaches students to build simple Java-based games.

The goals of Smart Coding School are very much aligned with those of TeamsCode. Both organizations are passionate about providing valuable resources and experiences to bring computer science skills to more students. From the Smart Coding school website, "Smart Coding School is all about students and prepare students for the future with technology."

The results of Smart Coding School are very impressive, as shown in the graphic above. The small class size and experienced instructors have led 91% of Smart Coding School to achieve a 5 on the 2017 AP Computer Science A. Furthermore, students are frequently promoted to Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels in the USACO after taking the course.

We are grateful for the support Smart Coding School provided in making our fourth biannual programming contest. We are also very excited to announce David Liu (Smart Coding School founder) as the keynote speaker for our Fall 2018 MIHS Programming Contest!

To learn more about Smart Coding School, visit their website at http://smartcodingschool.com/.