TeamsCode's redesigned website is now live!

Posted on Nov 28, 2021
Written by Harry Chen

TeamsCode's Jekyll website ( has served as the main entry point to our organization and has helped many passionate competitors learn about our contests since the beginning of TeamsCode.

Previous Website
Our Jekyll site

As we connected closer with the competitive programming community while growing our contest, more features and information were being added to the website. Gradually, our web development team experienced a limitation in GitHub pages and the Jekyll framework. Followed by that in fall 2021, TeamsCode's executives decided to rebuild the website on a modern interactive web framework. After evaluating different solutions, we decided to use Vue as our development language due to its already existing presence in our contest system.

New Website
TeamsCode's new website

Thankful to Nuxt.js and Vuetify, we were able to prototype our new website within a week. The prototype served as a concept-proof model and gave us an overview of what the new site might look like. Progressively, we created a redesigned landing page to help our participants better learn about our contests and engage with our sponsors. After that, we made a refreshed about page and imported previous blog posts, contest announcements. We then added a new resources page and gathered feedback from our participants before publishing the new website to

Inspired by the Jekyll site, our new website features a modern material design based style. The website enhances the overall user experience by using cards to display information and buttons to interact with visitors. We also took site structuring ideas from our previous website. The landing page contains streamlined details on our contest and organization in general, while the contests page is where all our previous events can be found and searched. Besides that, the about page demonstrates TeamsCode's mission, the blog page provides updates to our participants, and the contact page lists all of our contact methods. In addition to these, the brand new resources page features a curated list of competitive programming resources that can be found helpful by our competitors and computer science students in general.

New Resources Page
TeamsCode's new resources page

On the technology side, the new framework enables TeamsCode to create new pages and add further information rapidly, helping our organization to adapt and implement new ideas. The redesigned website is the first step to technology innovations that prepare TeamsCode to reach a larger competitive programming community.

The retired Jekyll website is still accessible at, but for archive purpose only and will not be updated for new events. Great thanks to all contributors to our Jekyll site. TeamsCode would not be where it is right now without them. We are planning to open-source our new site once some cleanup is completed.

Update: the source code is now available at

While preparing for our April contest, we hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving break!

Take care and stay safe,