Fall 2017 MIHS Programming Contest

Oct 21, 2017 at Mercer Island High School



Our second biannual programming contest

There was a great turnout of 90 students, or 36 teams. The contest was held in the Mercer Island High School Commons on October 21st from 8:45 AM – 2:45 PM. Congratulations to the winners of the advanced division, the untitled.txt from Newport and Lakeside High School. Below are the winners in each division:


Advanced division

  1. untitled.txt from Newport and Lakeside High School (700 points)

    • Daniel Lu, Charles Ge, and Axel Li
  2. Delete System32 from Newport High School (650 points)

    • Terrance Li, Neal Ma, and Andrew Liu
  3. If Only David Was Here from Interlake High School (600 points)

    • Robert Chen, Alex Wei, and Jessica Ruan

Intermediate division

  1. Fuzzy Logic from Odle Middle School (490 points)

    • Neil Chowdhury
  2. Nieracol from Interlake High School (450 points)

    • Connie Xu and Annie Liu
  3. 1337 from Willows Preparatory School (445 points)

    • Vlad Ovechkin, William Baxter, and Lukas Tomita

Contest files

Advanced scoreboard
Intermediate scoreboard
Problem packet
Judges answer packet
Input text files


Pictures on Google Drive


  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet
  • Apple and Amazon Gift Cards
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Vomercy Headphones
  • and much, much more...


Volunteers / Organizers

We’d like to thank the following people for being influential in the organization of this contest.

Main organizers

  • Alan Bi
  • Chris Elliott


  • Erin Bond
  • Grant Bower
  • Henterson Carlisle
  • Yeni Capote Diaz
  • Alyssa Hursh
  • Tanya Parker
  • Clare Constantine
  • Lawrence Tanimoto

Additional Help

  • Earl Bergquist