Fall 2019 Silicon Valley Programming Contest

Oct 26, 2019 at Union Church of Cupertino

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Our first programming contest

This was our first programming contest in California, and we hope to host more! There was a great turnout of 35 students, or 14 teams. The contest was held in the Union Church of Cupertino on October 26th. Congratulations to the winners of the advanced division, TeamsCode Staff from Monta Vista High School. Below are the winners in each division:


Advanced division

  1. TeamsCode Staff from Monta Vista High School (720 points)

    • Parth Asawa, Abhinav Kommula, and Tae Kyu Kim
  2. Henry from LAHS (540 points)

    • Arthur Zhou, Henry Huang, and Henry Wang
  3. Counsel of Water Sheep from Amador Valley High School (410 points)

    • Timothy Gao, Matthew Zhao, Steven Yang, and Charles Jin

Intermediate division

  1. Farmer John & Bessie the Cow from Monta Vista High School (440 points)

    • Howard Peng and Michael Ding
  2. Desmos from Irvington High School (390 points)

    • Stanley Ko, Kripa Kini, and Frederick Zhang
  3. 1234 from Lynbrook High School (360 points)

    • Alec Chen and Wesley Hung

Contest files

Advanced scoreboard
Intermediate scoreboard

Problem packet
Judges answer packet


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