Fall 2020 Virtual Programming Contest

Nov 21, 2020 at Youtube Live


X-Camp Academy

Gold Sponsor



Intermediate Division

1st - HoCo Informatics Team: Andrew Chen, Matthew Zhou, Michael Herschbach, Nicholas Li [1500 points]

2nd - Runtime Terror: Adham Ibrahim [1420 points]

3rd - lettuce Akshay Shivkumar, Bobby Costin [1410 points]

Advanced Division

1st - Squat Metropolitans: Eric Yang, Jason Gonzalez [1500 points]

2nd - blair blezers: Gabriel Wu, Timothy Qian, Colin Galen, Maxwell Zhang [1440 points]

3rd - bleir blazers: Jason An, Phillip Guo, Jeffrey Tong, Claire Zhang [1440 points]

Contest Files

Test cases and expected outputs
Intermediate Division Problem Set
Advanced Division Problem Set
Solutions to Contest Problems

Basic Information

View detailed logistics about the contest in our logistics document.

Time: 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Team Sizes: 1-4 people per team.

Cost: Free

Languages: Java, C++, C, Python 2, Python 3

Divisions: Intermediate or Advanced


Intermediate: A division for programmers who have recently started programming and/or are in one programming class.

Advanced: A division for programmers with more experience, typically having finished one programming class and are fairly knowledgeable about a specific language.

Note: These are guidelines, not rules. You may choose to sign up for either division.


  1. Each team member must be in middle school or high school.
  2. Teams must not receive any help from anyone outside the team.
  3. Teams may use multiple computers.
  4. Pre-written code is allowed, as well as online reference guides.


1:00: Keynote Speech, Introduction to rules and schedule.

1:30: Contest begins.

4:30: Announce winners. Raffle.

5:00: End of the contest.


Overview: There will be 15 programming problems sorted by difficulty from easiest to hardest. The points awarded is based off of number of test cases correct and difficulty of the problem. The correct output of for each test case of an easy problem awards 10 points, of a medium problem awards 20 points, of a difficult problem awards 30 points. Most problems will have five test cases; full score is 1,500 points. Teams will be restricted to ten submissions per problem. Submissions will be made on the contest page after you login.

The three teams with the most amount of points will receive medals and Amazon gift cards. If there is a tie, the winner is decided by the team that completed their last problem first.

Input and Output: The input and output will all be standard input and standard output. Use the system input and print systems for your specified language.

Sample Problem: You are facing off against a golem. In order to beat it, you must cast a magic spell. You are given two numbers. Your task is to find the largest number possible either by adding or multiplying the two numbers together in order to cast the strongest spell.

Input: The first line contains an integer L. The following L lines will each contain two numbers, N1 and N2.

Output: For each set of two numbers, print the largest number possible through either adding or multiplying the two numbers together.

Example Input:

6 12
1 54
2 2
9 -17
-7 -7

Example Output:



Partner: X-Camp

X-Camp Academy

About X-Camp Academy:

X-Camp Academy was founded in August 2017 in Silicon Valley by two Google software engineers. Their mission is to inspire and cultivate the next generation of computer science and artificial intelligence talents, which they believe will have a positive impact on the future. The younger generations will have unlimited opportunities at X-Camp for many reasons.

They have a unique curriculum, inherited from Mr. Xianyou Xu, a Chinese diamond-level international gold medal coach. Mr. Xu has been training students to participate in programming competitions, especially Olympics in Informatics, for more than 20 years.

X-Camp prioritizes personalized education, with problem sets tailored to each student’s needs and an enrollment system that encourages grade skipping. By participating in team-based competitions and facilitating frequent group study sessions, X-Camp also fosters an environment of collaboration to build each student’s confidence in their ability to code.

X-Camp’s staff are composed of senior software engineers from major technology companies in Silicon Valley. They have strong support from international and domestic competition winners.

They also have Scholarships & Special Discounts for Teamscode participants: They provide math and computer science merit scholarships to qualified students. Special discount code TS100 also available for participants of the Fall 2020 TeamsCode contest.

For more information, please visit their website.

Partner: CodeWithUs


About CodeWithUs:

Code With Us is a coding education company that provides coding classes, tutors, and camps for students of all ages including ages 6 through 18. They provide a free trial class with no credit card required. It is a great idea for both beginners and experienced coders to have an instructor help them with their projects. So, to try out a class, go to codewithus.com/free and fill out the simple form to reserve a time for your free coding class. Or, if you are interested in working for Code With Us remotely, Code With Us is looking for administrative help including customer communication. Please go to codewithus.com and start a chat on the bottom right of the screen to learn more.

Code With Us is proud to sponsor TeamsCode! The future is a much brighter place because students are choosing to focus their energy on Computer Science, technology, and science in general. If participants have any ideas on how a company can help spread coding education to others that could benefit from it, please contact Code With Us! They would be happy to work with you.

For more information, please visit their website.

Gold Sponsor: DigiPen


About DigiPen:

Since 1988, DigiPen Institute of Technology has been preparing students to succeed as skilled engineers, artists, and designers in the growing technology industries. An educational pioneer, DigiPen is the first college in the world to offer a bachelor’s degree in video game technology and development. Today, Digipen offers a wide range of technology-focused programs, all with an eye toward the career opportunities of tomorrow. Through a combination of academic rigor and interdisciplinary team-based projects, their educational model empowers students to be active learners, bold problem-solvers, and creators. Digipen’s programs are intentionally designed to reflect the standards and practices of the professional industries: Small teams with different backgrounds and skills collaborate to apply their knowledge, overcome challenges, and build amazing things together. These teams form the core of their tight-knit student and alumni community.

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Here are Some highlights about Digipen: · They’ve ranked in the top 5 of The Princeton Review’s Top Game Design Schools for the last 11 years

· Ranked in the Top 50 Best Computer Science and Engineering schools by Business Insider

· Digipen students have won 57 Independent Games Festival awards–more than any other school

· DigiPen graduates are credited on 1,500+ commercial game titles.

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