Spring 2019 BHS Programming Contest

Jun 08, 2019 at Bellevue High School

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Our first programming contest at Bellevue

There was a great turnout of 77 students, or 35 teams. The contest was held at the Bellevue High School on June 8th from 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM. Congratulations to the winners, Eastside Prep from Eastside Prepartory School. Below are the winners for each division:


Advanced division

  1. Eastside Prep from Eastside Prepatory School

    • Gavin Uberti and David Ma
  2. QuickSort from the Bear Creek School

    • Peter Li, Nelson Sun, and Alicia Stepin
  3. Void from Tesla STEM High School

    • Tony Li, Surya Gorantla, and Devesh Sarda

Intermediate division

  1. The Coders from East Lake High School

    • Sheshank Shankar
  2. Naomi from Newport High School

    • Naomi Bashkansky
  3. Yos from Lakeside School

    • Akshay Bablani, Ryan Tjoa, and Sidharth Anand

Contest files

Problem packet


Pictures on Google Drive

Platinum Sponsor: Smart Coding School

Smart Coding School

About Smart Coding School:

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We’d like to thank the following judges for being essential to the organization of this contest.

  • David Broman
  • Andrew Madison
  • John Palevich
  • Justin Yang
  • Ross Heise
  • Jerry Balan
  • Victor Jou