Spring 2019 CGS Programming Contest

May 18, 2019 at Catlin Gabel School

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Our third biannual programming contest

There was a great turnout of 26 students, or 11 teams. The contest was held at the Catlin Gabel School on May 18th from 9:45 AM – 3:30 PM. Congratulations to the winner, Ben Hadad from Lincoln High Schoool. Below are the winners:


  1. Ben Hadad from Lincoln High School (1214 points)

    • Ben Hadad
  2. The Coders from the Eastlake High School (1092 points)

    • Sheshan Shankar
  3. quit & save from Lincoln High School (1051 points)

    • Arya Rahnama and Sydney Dun

Contest files


Problem packet
Judges answer packet
Input text files


Pictures on Google Drive


We’d like to thank the following volunteers for being essential to the organization of this contest.

  • Seth Knights
  • Caden Zamastil
  • Rishi Alluri
  • Dylan Liam
  • Mick Leungpathomaram


Bronze Sponsor: Brainium Studios

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